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Fairfax Locksmith Store Fairfax, VA 703-445-3545Perhaps, the biggest gift the security industry has given us is – a safe. At home, these sturdy, break-proof components guard our valuable assets, while at commercial places; they don an even greater role. Right from holding crucial documents, contracts, files to other financial resources, safes are what keep your business together. The repercussions of a confidential file falling into the hands of a competitor are one too many to behold. However, safes do as they’re named; they keep things safe. But sometimes, the things that are meant to protect, can turn against you.

We, at Fairfax Locksmith Store, receive numerous calls from clients who’re unable to access their own safes. Can you imagine the negative impact a safe lock out can have? You might have an important meeting in an hour and need that file locked inside. Lack of access may even jeopardize a prospective deal with your client. But with our help, your business doesn’t have to face the brunt of a safe lock out. Read on:

Quick, 24/7 safe opening solutions

We know how every passing minute is critical for your business. That’s why, when you call us in to get your safe unlocked, you’ll find that our technicians will reach your location within 15-20 minutes. We also understand that most businesses don’t exactly operate on a 9-to-5 basis and there are many that work round-the-clock. Even if you face a lock out in the middle of the night, our team in Fairfax, VA area will be available to help you out.

All types of safes unlocked

Our job has taught us one thing i.e. never to be deterred by challenges. And our experience has taught us how to tackle those challenges head on. Be it any type of safe you own, a room-sized fireproof vault, a wall or a smart safe, we know our way around them all and can resolve the safe lock out in no time.

How we do it?

Drilling or using brute force is the last, and the least used option on our list. All our attempts at unlocking are directed at manipulating the lock to get it opened without inflicting any damage. We also own code-breaking machinery that enables us to get into safes that use combinations. In case you’ve lost the key, we analyze the lock carefully and create a replica that is used to unlock it. After our technicians are through with it, you’ll be able to use the same safe again and don’t have to opt in for a replacement.

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